Kim Phuc finally records a full-length

1 Dec

Obviously this is really damn important if I logged in after nearly four months to mention it. My favorite Pittsburgh punks (best riffs, best lyrics, best energy at a show) just put this out:

Copsucker LP on Bandcamp

The new recording of “Prostitute” sounds much more formidable (it’s the only song other than “Black Triangle” and “Wormwood Star” that I’d heard before). Get down with these jams.



9 Aug

Gotye’s new album, Making Mirrors, will be dropping in less than two weeks. I’m excited to hear what new depths his artistry has gone. On another note, I’d be more than happy if Kimbra replaced Katy Perry’s entire existence. Here’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

and for added pleasure, Kimbra’s “Settle Down.”


6 May

I felt the need the other day to “e-hassle” or rather, chastise someone on the internet for talking shit on Hunx. Then I remembered when Hunx was talking shit on Smith Westerns, for pretty much no reason. Bands do enough shit talking themselves, so why should I care? It’s like when people get mad at others for bringing down their favorite sports team. To be honest, though, I got more annoyed by this person using the term “hipster” in their insult. What is this, 2001? Seriously? At least get creative. But, then again, if people weren’t senselessly calling each other names, we wouldn’t have the modern-day treasure which is Hipster Runoff.


Check out my hipster ride. It was too cold for my Schwinn, so I decided to rev this baby up!

If you follow a pop culture trend, or support some sort of independent music scene, or like bands outside of the mainstream, or buy records from the “cool” part of town, or–god forbid–just ain’t down with The Man…hey, chances are that you have some “hipster” in you. Do you like Reggie Watts? You’re a hipster. Hipsters are just rife with satirical talents. Many hipsters watch Conan, The Daily Show, Cartoon Network, ad nauseum. Many hipsters like well-fitted jeans. Sometimes hipsters wear sunglasses reminiscent of 50s styles. No, Jared. I can’t buy those Ray Bans (that I love so much) because I might be construed as a hipster. Tracy, I realize those are Brooks Brothers frames, but the hipster next door wears a style similar to these and I just cannot be confused as one of his kind. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a hipster, might as well never wear scarves, plaid, well fitting jeans, Vans, beanies, and a whole host of other things.

In any case, the person in question plays in a pretty great-sounding band. Although, I can’t get over how Snyder sounds eerily like Caleb Followill or Jon Fratelli (although neither of them seem to do as good of a falsetto). Actually, I’m pretty sure he sounds like some other dude (see: “I know I wasn’t there/but I want to take you back” in Ride Coach), but I don’t listen to music as often as I used to. Thus, my references are hazy. I used to be able to match guitar riffs up even if they were in a different pitch. Fun ability for someone with very little musical talent, but potentially embarrassing for the songwriters caught in the act. Now I just blog.

Ok time for some tunes:

Just kidding:

1,2,3 – Riding Coach & Work

Four months later

7 Apr

Other Lives – Tamer Animals
Yuck – Operation
Ennui – Lights
Chuck Berry – Havana Moon

stinging transitions

7 Jan

When you’ve finally pieced your nest together and found the tree that you’re rather complacent with, the seasons change and knock you off your branch. A force tears your abode into pieces and you’re forced to scavenge for the new bits and pieces. It’s even more jarring when that nest rests in your mind. How does one rebuild the fort that consists of the feelings you get from your surroundings, your home, your family, your friends, your career? There’s only one course of action–step out there and do it. Things. Anything, as much as you can. Put yourself into every aspect of your daily life until the action stares back at you with a little corner of your smile and eyes dug into its girth.

Time is a mud that I’ll rub all over myself until I’m immortal.

Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains – Meet New Friends

fingered winter dread

19 Dec

Mouthbreathers at the Jackpot Saloon, Nov. 13th, © 2010 Mahsa Borhani


Nobunny – Someone Else’s Brain
White Wires – Hands
Nikki Sudden – Love Makes Her Shine


Damien Shingleton – Don’t Lie To Me
Tujiko Noriko – Gift (Damien Shingleton remix)
Burial – Archangel

autumn short list

9 Nov

The Gruesomes – Love Got In the Way
King Tuff – Black Zelda
Best Coast – Our Deal
Hunx and his Punx – Dream On (Little Dreamer)
V-3 – Hating Me. Hating You.