11 Jul

One of the aspects of Myspace I hate the most is the one where people stalk you through their friends’ flists. Which means, shitty bands—in an effort to find more listeners—will randomly add you whilst searching the usernames of their buddie’s fans in the hopes that you will like them and blabber valley-girl style, in turn, to your friends about them.
Yeah, no.
Not happening. Not really.
What’s funny though is that I always give a pity listen. It was in this way that I found Gazelles. I was giving a pity listen to another band when I saw their name on the “Top 8” bs. Since they are on tour and played my favorite Pittsburgh venue, I felt even more ready to like them.
Think Magic Bullets melodies with Crystal Skulls lyrical nostalgia. In fact, I think Christian Wargo in Airport Motels sounds just swell with the Gazelle’s Driving. Don’t tell me the resemblance isn’t ridiculously delightful. Too bad the Skull’s Outgoing Behavior didn’t sound more like this.

Crystal Skulls — Airport Motels [from Blocked Numbers]
Magic Bullets — Heatstroke
Gazelles — Driving

Gazelles will be playing at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence on July 22nd, which is a Saturday. Unfortunately, I am moving into a new house that day so I’m not sure if I can make it but we’ll see. In the meantime visit Gazelles on their myspace to view more tourdates and listen to more music.


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