sea wolf

12 Jul

I know, it’s pretty late and I should really get a grip–as in tear myself from the beauty that is my blog design and get some rest because I am probably going to get pretty messed up the next couple of days. Some TMI for you.

Anyway, last May I went to San Francisco determined to catch some good shows. Because I am a cheapass petty idiot, I chose The Clientele over Devotchka & Seawolf ($15 vs. $25). The Clientele were decent (Beach House opened and were superb), but can you even imagine how ridiculously good Devotchka would have been? And then with Sea Wolf as an opener? Sea Wolf has written some of the most beautiful songs in my voluminous collection of music and for that I must share because this guy doesn’t get enough blog love. Okay, get over Beirut and please listen to Sea Wolf. KTHX. bai.

Sea Wolf — You’re a Wolf
Sea Wolf — Black Dirt

BTW, I have the most terrible luck. Sea Wolf played the Gaslight Tavern in Lawrence before I got back to Kansas and now they are playing in August–same venue!!–while I am in Canada. And they played Toronto last month. Sometimes I feel I am forever cursed to not see certain bands.

One Response to “sea wolf”

  1. TitoP July 12, 2007 at 2:08 pm #

    Yeah, you should’ve seen DeVotchka. They kill live. I’m seeing them at ACL and can’t wait!

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