Kill them with vanity

18 Jul

Ok so maybe I should be careful about what kind of impression I send out to my readers but I’m not all that concerned about it right now. It just so happens that I just enjoy holding things and taking pictures with them. In fact, I would hold you and take a picture too! How special is that? Pretty darned speshul.

Anyway, I have been wanting to buy this Headlights album for ages. I heard T.V. a year ago. However, the mp3 file was unlabeled so I had no idea who it was for the longest time…it could have been Camera Obscura for all I knew. When I finally found out that Headlights were the masterminds of such charming pop beauty, I was surely hooked. Plus, they have a short interim song called, “The Midwest is the Best” for goodness sake! Ain’t that the truth. Headlights make me think of sundresses, daisies, cakes, swishers, sandals, robins, making out, and wandering through swaying fields during the night. Maybe a shetland pony too. Yeah, all things that will shoot cupid’s arrow through a young girl’s heart.

The album is comprised of fourteen tracks, but four of those tracks are actually shorts made to bridge the songs. I had already heard eight out of ten of the actual songs because I am a no good pirate, yet I was still pleased when hearing the album the way it should have been heard countless times before. Some of the most touching lyrics come through on track four, where Erin Fein sings with heartbreaking placation to “take us apart and put us back together right, so we can leave on our feet in the night.” The band then hits on the bleakness of adulthood by proclaiming on track nine that “lullabies never worked when I was young and they won’t work now.” It seems perplexing that they can sing with the tenderness that a mother sings to a baby but with the truthful words that a father lays down for his eldest son. Despite these gems, my favorite track is the twelfth, Hi-Ya!. The keyboards bouncing along with the drums make it the most jubilant song on a truly sweet record.


Oh by the way, the artist who did the album artwork for Headlights is Samantha Grasso, a young graduate of Ringling who now currently lives in Kansas City and works for Hallmark. What a small world! I’d known of her before I bought the album so it was a nice surprise. It was like finding out that Brendan Monroe did all the album artwork for David and the Citizens, haha.

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