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18 Jul

Increasingly I am updating when I just can’t go to sleep. I don’t know what normal people do when they are alone, but I take my bike out and ride around the park to an undeveloped field where I stand and have a quiet smoke while overlooking the highway off in the distance. It’s these placid moments that jangle around in your brain and really get to you when not even the crickets are chirping. The future is glassed over with a reflection of the present and the past is a smudge on that mirror.

You can breathe in the dawn as much as you want but you still won’t feel new. And you can sigh along with the subsiding dusk but you still won’t fall asleep with a rhythm like the sun’s. This is the kind of restlessness that invades our bodies during the summertime; we feel impelled to bludgeon it with drugs and alcohol or bowl it over with rushes of adrenaline. The Boggs, brainchild of Jason Friedman, is the kind of band that invokes that restlessness and dances alongside it. Put away all your Arcade Fire comparisons–this band throws more disruption than a baseball into your neighbor’s window. Forts, their latest album, makes me want to start a bonfire and dance all night. I think it’s the percussional elements that really make their music a joy to listen to. If I could make one comparison, I’d say that this is what Tilly and the Wall could have been if they were punked out and not obsessed with writing love stories.

The Boggs — Forts
The Boggs — Little Windows
The Boggs — Poor Things (my favorite)


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