9 Aug

I updated the PGH shows page with The Comas who are playing at Garfield Artworks on Aug. 20th. They’re an alternative rock band from Chapel Hill (Sorry About Dresden’s home) that remind me of the Abandoned Pools. 3hive has done a couple posts on them that you can read here (scroll down a little).

In other news, I wish I could do a musicdraw this weekend, but I’m driving to Toronto to hit up a few museums because Friday is like Happy Hour for the art world. So instead I will do a huge post (if they don’t confiscate my camera, in which case it will be a short post with drawn copies) on Sunday or Monday about modern art instead of music. Oh, I didn’t get to see Los Campesinos or the Hold Steady (St Catharines is at least a couple hours away from TO, in traffic add another hour)…I miss Pittsburgh. So yeah maybe Lawrence gets more awesome shows than pgh but at least I don’t have to drive an hour! So, cumulatively, I see more shows here………and this post is getting boring BYE.

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