the lovely feathers still love us

12 Nov

Photo references by Thomas Hughes, drawings by Mahsa Borhani, mustaches by David Buzaglo and Mark Kupfert

So I saw the Lovely Feathers last November to a cozy crowd of 15 or so people at Garfield Artworks. It’s probably one of my favorite shows I’ve ever attended, alongside seeing We Are Scientists in Kansas City earlier that March. 2006 was a good year.
ANYWAY! These gracious men have updated their blog, which among most integral things, states that:

due to numerous factors, our label stop seeing eye to eye with us, and basically opted not to support or put out the album…we don’t really know what to do with the tracks.
We want to release them, but don’t really have any money to manufacture CDs.
Maybe we’ll do the radiohead thing, and put it on our site. We might have to charge $3 because the songs definitely need to get mastered, and it would be nice to have album art, and a case.
Your contributions will fund these tasks.

read the entire post here.

so fucking GO and listen to two awesome new tracks and help these guys out because they are some of the most charismatic and kindest people you will ever meet, not to mention the fact that their tunes weave a lively combination of joy and tortured(??) emotion. oh, those vocals and what they do to me! and for good measure, some photos by my favorite band photographer Katie L. Thompson:

Mark and Noah
(c) katie l. thompson

richard and mark
(c) katie l. thompson

(c) katie l. thompson

yeah those took me forever to find since all of Katie’s aweseom photos on flickr are PRIVATE!! disappeared. ahhhh!!! tears.

One Response to “the lovely feathers still love us”

  1. Katie L. Thompson November 12, 2007 at 8:27 pm #

    My photos aren’t private — my flickr pro account expired.

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