Julius Airwave + MAPS

16 Nov

A couple of short album reviews I did for the WRCT, reprinted here for your benefit:


Although singer and guitarist Rick Colado sounds precariously like Julian Casablancas in the chorus of “Appley”, Julius Airwave’s sound is much less terse than that of the Strokes. By weaving some incredibly infectious melodies with varying layers of piano, organ, synthesizers, and xylophone, Julius Airwave creates an eclectic sound–teetering somewhere between pop and post-punk. There are even patches of folk-driven guitar parts, in the first track and in the jangly ballad of “Marina.” Unfortunately, there are times when the piano arrangements sound dreadfully like a Yanni recreation (aka avoid track 3). Nevertheless, they are definitely one of the better bands coming out of Florida.

recommended tracks: 2, 5, 7, 10
sounds like: interpol, the strokes, division day

Glory, Glory


Apparently, creating albums on a 16-track recorder is good for the spirit. For James Chapman it means that every song is created with an enormous level of care and attention. Although Maps’ sound can be easily labeled as electronic, many of the songs tend to evoke the musical elements of shoegaze instead (minus the hypnotic guitars). Add some trippy drums and euphoric synths and then you have the lovechild of rave and noise pop. Citing Low as his favorite band, Chapman doesn’t try and hide their influence on his style. The tracks tend to follow one another quite smoothly, resulting in an aurally satisfying straight listen that is superimposed with nonsensical lyrics.

recommended tracks: 1, 2, 4, 7,
sounds like: my bloody valentine, spiritualized

So Low, So High
It Will Find You

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