22 Nov

Holiday breaks are about relaxing, and that’s what you should do this thanksgiving. Forget about that ten-page research paper. Listen to this mix,  imbibe the clean, cold air & wrap yourself in the cool linen of your bedsheets.

1. My My – Menomena
2. Upside Down Reconstruction – mojib
3. Bottles and Bones (Shades and Sympathy) – Califone
4. Knife – Grizzly Bear
5. Sunbaby – The High Violets
6. Sunstroke – Lise Westzynthius
7. Stich Me Up – Minus Story
8. Foothills – The Metal Hearts
9. In a State – mojib
10. Strange as Snow – The Turn-ons
11. Warm Where You Lay – The Rosebuds
12. Unwind – The Rosebuds
13. Northwestern Girls – Say Hi to Your Mom
14. Mexico (Every Last Buffalo) – Through the Sparks
15. Driving – Gazelles
16. Heatstroke – Magic Bullets
17. Ruby – Utah Carol
18. Come Back Baby – Utah Carol

DOWNLOAD: chill mix, 77 minutes


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