9 Dec

Brooklyn indie rockers Via Audio are coming to Pittsburgh very soon. Here’s a small biography on them, taken from Garage Band:

Formed in the basements of Berklee Music School in late 2002, Via Audio have crafted a mellow style of airy yet aggressive pop that’s reminiscent of groups like Rilo Kiley and Death Cab For Cutie. Lyrics of love, longing, and automobile safety are typified and stunningly conveyed in each song by singer and guitarist Jessica Martins. Her depth and devotion to her craft shines through in her vocal delivery that seamlessly shifts from a poppy yet poignant croon to a coarse accusation. Not to be limited by traditional chord strumming, guitarist Tom Deis lightly darts about the fret board in search of the right note to compliment the atmosphere of the song. Bassist David Lizmi greatly assists Molad in creating the solid foundation for Via Audio’s music.

So you should really save this date!

Friday December 21 VIA AUDIO @ garfield artworks

and of course, you should sample some of their tunes as well:
Via Audio – Presents
Via Audio – Modern Day Saint

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