erratic post

1 Feb

I fell upon my Ladybug Transistor today and I just wanted to share their song “Please Don’t Be Long”, as well as the crazy Murder Mystery song I mentioned earlier. They are very different songs, but I think if you like one, it is hard not to like the other. The Ladybug Transistor is much more layered and the lyrics and melody I think offer much more than “Love Astronaut” (sorry Murder Mystery). But they both have this mesmerizing keyboard jingle that drives the songs, in which case I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the two in order to understand each song more fully.


The Ladybug Transistor – Please Don’t Be Long [from s/t 2003 album]
Murder Mystery – Love Astronaut [from self-released album Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here It Comes]


Ok so the other reason why I posted is because LES SAVY FAV (ahhh all caps! the excitement!) is playing an all ages show on April 5th (saturday) in Philly at the Theatre of Living Arts, and I really want to go. Except, I have no where to stay. So if anyone is going to that show or can offer me a place to stay I’d really appreciate it because I’ve never been to Philly before. I need to know soon because the tickets are probably going to be all sold out by March.

One more important announcement I need to make is that I am going to start removing old files, like the music mix and stuff from July. So just a notice. I think every 4-5 months I will remove mp3 files so I can make room for new ones on my server space (I am cool like that).

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