switch & signal with science is dead

17 Feb

So last night I went to Pitt to see Life in Bed, Switch & Signal, and Science is Dead. It was my first time seeing Life in Bed (all of the bands for that matter) and they played a really powerful set–lots of toe-tappers and, overall, solid sounds. Their bass was a little too loud, but it sounded great nevertheless. Switch & Signal played next; as an all student band, I think they played really well. The sound progression had a lot of variety, from soft to screeching loud. Science is Dead played last; their set was pretty succinct to match their sound. Someone requested a last song, and that one was a little repetitive, but I was pretty tired so I think I was kind of out of it anyway towards 11 PM when their set ended.

I took some pictures, they are a little tragic in terms of lighting because I didn’t have a rotating head on my flash to bounce it off the walls/ceiling. I used some homemade color filters to add some pizazz…I think the olive green filter worked the best, but it didn’t really improve the photos all that much, just gave it a different feel. I just bought a Sunpak 383 non-dedicated flash last thursday, so I will make sure the lack of good flash doesn’t happen again. sweeeet! here are some of my favorite shots of Science is Dead and Switch & Signal:

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