new shows + me failing at life

19 Feb

hi, here’s an update for those of you who tune in frequently. I got yelled at by ethan fogus. apparently I don’t put enough art and music up anymore, which is kind of true. on my honor as a voluptuous and deceiving woman, I promise I will post some awesome music draws once I start intaglio and litho in my printmaking class. for now, here is a pseudo musicdraw:

LISTEN: British Sea Power – Down on the Ground

new shows added:

  • Modey Lemon
  • The Whigs
  • Stars
  • Iron & Wine
  • British Sea Power

for more info, check out the shows page

Also, Life in Bed is playing a show this Saturday, Triggers is playing the Lava Lounge this Thursday, if you’re into that. As for me, I am going to see Russian Circles play on Friday, that’s enough for one week. I don’t think I love music enough yet to see three shows in one week when I am taking the equivalent of 19 credit hours.

Don’t forget St. Vincent and Foreign Born are playing next Monday at the Warhol! This show is going to be really great, I already know it. I saw Foreign Born open up for We Are Scientists back in spring 2006, and their new stuff is way better so I am pretty excited to see it live. Also Annie Clark is a super cutie–I’m sure the photos of her will be just scrumptious. ok my vocab is gaying out hard, good night people.

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