Triggers with Retrofitter @ lava lounge

22 Feb

Yes, so last night–through very elaborate means that involves the perks of being an art major–I made my way to the Lava Lounge to see Triggers play. Johnny Nobody, a band from Buffalo, opened up. I didn’t really get to hear much of their set because I came a little before 11 PM, but they were basically a hard rock 3-piece. As soon as I put out my cigarette to pick up my camera their set was over, so I didn’t get a chance to get any photos of them. After them, Retrofitter came on stage; they are also a three piece, with two guys from the Pittsburgh band School of Athens. Their music was heavy on the keyboard and vocals, and very dance oriented. They were also kind of kooky, employing some bizarre and almost dischordant keyboard melodies. But for the most part they were a lot of fun.

Finally Triggers came on and they played a pretty ferocious sounding set that I’ve come to expect from their performances. They played a bunch of songs that are going to be on their new album, as well as some more recent ones. I still think “Louis’s Party” is my favorite, but I really liked all the songs. At the end they wrapped up their set with a cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya!. Probably the best cover a band has ever decided to do. By that time I had shot enough that I could put my camera away and just enjoy myself. Much fun was had! Here are some of my favorite shots. As always, the rest of my photos can be found at my flickr account, which is displayed to the left on the navigation bar.

in other news…

I was going to go see St. Vincent and Foreign Born on Monday, but I forgot I have class until 9.30 PM, so I probably couldn’t get there until 10 PM. I am really really bummed out about this. I know that was going to be a great show. blah! On the other hand, I am seeing Russian Circles tonight, and then Saturday night I will be at the Brillobox shooting for Life in Bed, who are playing with the Takeover UK. I suppose in the end it’s not really a big loss! In conclusion–expect more concert reviews + pictures tonight and tomorrow!


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