the sexes + derek white & the monophobics @ brillobox

1 Mar

I almost didn’t go to this show, but I’m glad I made it. How many times do you get to celebrate feb. 29th anyway? Derek White & the Monophobics played the first set. If you’ve never listened to them before, they are pretty much rooted in power pop. I’d never seen them live before and they were a lot of fun to hear, and played some really great songs like “Mean Tambourine.”

After them this band called Soulharmonic came on…it was alright, but not really my cup of tea. Also, my flash was running out of batteries so I didn’t really bother taking pictures of them. The Sexes played last, and they were really fantastic live. I remember listening to songs on their myspace and thinking “god, this sounds so annoying and boring.” But live it was a completely different deal. I am not really familiar with their songs, so I can’t name what I heard, but it was pretty powerful and they all had a great energy on stage. Except, their vocalist’s voice was a bit drowned out at times. That’s my only issue though with their performance. ok, photo timeeee!

derek white & the monophobics

the sexes

The Sexes myspace
download: Gun-Shy

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