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8 Mar

There are a lot of things I don’t tell you guys about that are relevant to this blog. Like how I ended up seeing St. Vincent with Foreign Born even though it was sold out. But how I can’t share how spectacular it was with you because I don’t have a low light lens, BUT THEN!! how I will have a low light lens before march 16th. So what is going on this week at gigawave?

  • Grand Archives and the Lisps album reviews (Cheyenne to come)
  • musicdraw!
  • two show reviews — Cloud Cult and Holy Fuck

I don’t think I have any KC readers (yet!) but hopefully this will change soon because I now have access to a car! Yes, this is very relevant–it means my blog might actually involve my hometown scene for once. Car = shows, especially in KC where one bus runs like twice a day. And then if it’s not in KC it’s in Lawrence…which is just as far away from me. But people in Kansas City are not to be underestimated. They love their music, and they will probably kill small children in their devotion to get somewhere. They don’t have public transportation but still pack venues, so cut them some slack if a lot of them still listen to pretty low-grade punk rock. ANYWAYS:

In the Wake of Giants w/ Science is Dead & Overseas

Ok so not only am I secretive, I am also a liar! I ended up not going to the Stills show, and instead went to go see Science is Dead, Overseas and In the Wake of Giants at the Southside Fountain Room. Here are a few reasons why:

a) I like all the dudes in Science is Dead; they are really talented for how young they are
b) I’ve never been in this venue before and I wanted a change of scene
c) It was three dollars as opposed to fifteen. So I could actually afford drinks.

The last reason is actually pretty crucial, and I know this is going to sound quite shitty of me, but honestly, I need a few beers to enjoy super instrumental post-rock in a live setting, which sums up the sound of In the Wake of Giants and Overseas. And instrumental rock in general is a type that I either really like the band beyond belief, or just can’t stand it. I would say that it is a rather hard genre to play for because I started to realize some of the things that I don’t like it when bands do. I feel like a lot of bands don’t have a true handle on the transitions from musical verse to verse…it basically quiets down and then gets really fucking loud. And that’s the changer. Not just once either, multiple times. Layered sound accumulation is really hard to come by without doing it too slow or making it monotonous. If you look at a band like Caspian, which a lot of these kids cite as one of their favorites, I can only think of a few songs off The Four Trees where there is that sharp shift from soft to loud, one of those songs being Crawlspace, and it makes sense in the mood they set for that song anyway. The track is completely tense from beginning to end and just makes you nervous and agitated because it is so successful in the story it tells. You can even look at a band like Built to Spill and strip off Doug Martsch’s iconic vocals, and it would still be better than some of this stuff that tries to overcompensate for the lack of vocal melodies.

Maybe I need to hear these bands a second time and not be resenting missing Modey Lemon, Spanish Prisoners, or the Stills, but for now I am going to cross out the local instrumental rock scene from my agenda. Unless they have a band member who can do flying splits in the air aka someone who is interesting to photograph. Because the music ain’t doing it.


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