the lk

9 Mar

The LK @ William Pitt Union Assembly Hall, Firday March 21st

I haven’t done an artist post in a really long time, but since The LK (full name: The Love of Kevin, Colour, Chaos and the Sound of K) will be coming to Pittsburgh in a couple weeks, I think they deserve a feature. The group consists of two Swedish musicians, Lindefelt and Fredrik, one of whom who is actually capable of synesthesia, which is quite fascinating. Lindefelt was born with a brain condition which makes him capable of sound –> color synesthesia, which allows him to see colors while listening to music. This seems to explain the mystery behind their quite long band name.

The music isn’t necessarily your typical Swedish pop, as much as it is pop tinged with electronica and almost hip-hop style beats. The vocalist of course has the trademark endearing and soft Swedish-accented vocals that will make you swoon. The songs are light and airy, but still maintain a lot of groove. I already have a few favorites, which I will share with you all. Come to the show, it’s likely to be totally awesome.

The LK
Friday March 21st
@ William Pitt Union Assembly Room
University of Pittsburgh


Stop Being Perfect
Private Life of a Cat

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