12 Mar

Buttonhead are an experimental noise rock band from London who can really blur the line between insane and reserved. There are parts in their songs where I ask myself if they are not maybe a twee band in disguise. I first heard their song “Boys in the Ball Pool” a year ago, and it wasn’t even the full version where after the crazy crescendo, it calms down and goes into soft chanting. Well luckily, Buttonhead has decided to put their Weetabix Gigabyte EP up for FREE download in celebration of their upcoming debut. You can download it here:

Weetabix Gigabyte free download

Ever since I got the thing, I can’t stop listening to it. It is catchy in a very bizarre way. Definitely a sound I don’t get to encounter very often. It’s thrashingly beautiful and a complete steal. listen to it NOW!! their original myspace bulletin about the decision:

In light of our forthcoming debut single we’ve made our first demo, Weetabix Gigabyte, available for all to download, in glorious 256kbps quality, from our myspace (or here). We’ve also thrown in a few extras to keep you warm through those pummelled stomach nights.

We hope they might bring you joy, pugs and dreams of quarter sized yellow pages.

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