the people who can do it

23 Mar

In the Wake of Giants @ William Pitt Union Assembly Room (3-21-08)

Here’s stuff that I did but have been keeping from you because I am short on time:

  • In the Wake of Giants, Civil Twilight, Make a Rising, Discuss @ William Pitt Union

    I missed the LK because I decided to go to Gooski’s and see Mussels and Life in Bed.

  • Tiny Whales at Garfield Artworks (photos on Flickr)
  • Coat Party, Sberm, and Knife World at Bad Seed in Kansas City (also on Flickr)

got Tiny Whales’ EP…pretty good stuff. They played with P’funkt at SXSW. I know there were at least a few other Pittsburgh bands that got invited to play SXSW but I can’t remember which right now (Modey Lemon, BMSR?). Speaking of P’funkt, he will be playing two shows very soon, and I guarantee you that the lineup is going to split your consciousness into two streams of ever-flowing audio lysergic AWESOME. YES. ALL THOSE THINGS.

1. Wed, March 26th – 10 PM
P’funkt, Hood Gang, Mixel Pixel, Discuss
Howler’s Coyote Cafe (21+)
2. Thurs, March 27th – 8 PM
P’funkt, Hood Gang, Mixel Pixel, Chairlift, Die Benny
The Lilypad (all ages)

I am going to be at both, I want to catch Discuss again since they played the first set at the LK show, and it was definitely not the kind of environment where they could really shine. Especially since no one was dancing. So I am hoping it will be much better for them at Howler’s. For all you all ages folks, The Lilypad is in North Oakland. Zach, token naked man in Outclassed lives there, so maybe it’s not exactly an all ages show, hahahaha. address:

330 Melwood Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15213

Soccer is starting up for me on Thursday. My sculpture class is starting to build our strip of land. This means actual physically intensive work for me. I can’t update this blog as often, but I am still staying on top of shows and promoting events so please keep checking back. Musicdraw will also stay updated. Just not full show reviews and EP/album reviews.

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