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29 Mar

So Many Dynamos Coming to Pittsburgh

Yes it is true! SMD are planning to play a date in the burgh. From their myspace bulletin:

In the almost-as-near future, we’re about to do another tour. Here are the dates so far. As you see, there are lots of TBA’s so feel free to message us about it, we’re still in the booking stages and could use assistance if you feel like you can help.

04/30 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA (details will be announced soon)

So Many Dynamos – In Every Direction
So Many Dynamos – Progress

Triggers Interviewed for Post Gazette Article

Triggers explode with power-pop debut
Thursday, March 27, 2008
By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“At first we kind of didn’t take things too seriously,” says singer-guitarist Adam Rousseau. “We had all sort of gotten out of ‘bad relationships,’ so to speak, with our previous bands and I, at least, was really just thinking of Triggers as something to do just for fun. I mean, I thought we played well and had some decent tunes, but it wasn’t until we played our first show and got such a positive reaction from the audience and our friends that I thought, ‘We might be on to something here.’ “

read the rest of the article here

New Book of Photography on Pittsburgh

Local photographer Mark Bolster has recently published a book filled with elegant and poignant photos of places in and around Pittsburgh. The book is available in digital format online, or physical format from bookstores, or you can buy it directly from the artist himself. For more information, click on the image of the cover in order to view samples from the book:

New Records for the Radio Station

Seeing as I missed Mixel Pixel two nights in a row, I decided to hit them up for a 12 inch of “Coming Up X’s” last night; the song is one of my favorites off their 2006 album Music for Plants. Very exciting. Rob Corradetti, who does the art for the band, was also nice enough to slip in the 7 inch of “Kind of Girl.” Definitely am going to spin those next time I am at the station, maybe even make some mp3 files to share. Mixel Pixel = quite an affable band.


One Response to “lots of news!”

  1. Sey April 1, 2008 at 2:23 pm #

    I thought you SMD was Simian Mobile Disco. I realized it wasn’t and then I wasn’t interested anymore. 🙂

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