three show reviews

14 Apr

O’Death, March 25th

When I showed up to this, O’death just had gotten on stage, so I was pretty lucky with my timing. They played most everything off their album Head Home, and each one with a folk fury that shook the stage. Their bassist, drummer, and violinist were the most frenzied of the bunch, reeling back and forth while playing their instruments. The crowd loved them, and everyone was really moving the whole time. It was also a really good turnout of people too. For their encore they played a semi-acapella gospelish song where they got into the crowd and were chanting, with the crowd clapping along. It was an incredibly fun time. Probably one of the best shows I have ever seen, and I’ve caught quite a few this year! Some shots I took:

Wolf Eyes, April 9th

I ran out of class after hanging up our work so I could maybe catch this one earlier than I normally get to Garfield Artworks shows. When I got there, the first act had just finished and then Lord Bird Golden Cobra went on. Ok so I must admit that I really don’t go to very many noise rock shows. One reason is because there aren’t that many that come around to Pittsburgh or Kansas City. The other reason is because I can’t always get into it and it’s really goddamn weird. With that being said, when Wolf Eyes went on I suppose I had already been conditioned for them to play. The droning definitely had a method to it and their usage of beats really flowed into the sinister thrumming of all the composite noises. It was pretty wild stuff, and they could have played forever and the crowd would have just stood there oscillating along with the music. To our friend Spencer’s delight, they played “Stabbed in the Face.” Wolf Eyes are always going to remain as a mysterious band to me. Where does the inspiration for their sound come from? seriously? It was so intense I had a nosebleed through the middle of their set. These guys put me on another plane of thought.

The Dodos, April 12th

I have been in love with The Dodos for quite some time now, so when I heard they were playing a Pittsburgh date, I pretty much freaked out and had been anticipating it with an unnatural level of excitement for weeks before the actual date. I got to the the venue around 10 PM and the second act, Dean Cercone, was still playing. After him was The Hidden Twin, and then finally The Dodos went on. Earlier in the night I had seen Logan sitting behind the merch table and I needed to get back there to charge my camera battery…he was a gentleman about it, asking me if I needed any help. What a guy, right? Anyhow, The Dodos started strong with either “Fools” or “Jodi”, I can’t quite remember which. They played most everything off of their new album Visiter, as well as a stellar encore of the song “Men” which is one of my favorite songs off of Beware of the Maniacs. The crowd at this show was really big for Garfield Artworks…something around 80-90 people were there; and of course they simply loved The Dodos. Each song was followed by energetic clapping and whistling, and the people sitting in front were pretty much creaming themselves. I was completely enamored the whole time, staring dumbly into a tangle of electrical cords and stands just completely entranced with the music. But the thing that really blew me away was Meric’s guitar playing. Every fingernail on his right hand is super long, and he uses them to pick these quick and complex melodies that are simply the most beautiful things I have heard in a long time. Not to mention that he has a lovely voice as well, and had two mics to demonstrate this–one was a normal mic, and the other one was running through an effects loop so he could layer his vocals with his guitar playing. Logan was excellent as well, creating a stream of frenzied percussion through a simple set up of a trio of toms, quick stick-tapping, a few cymbals–one of them cushioned with bubble wrap–and a tambourine duc-taped to his shoe. There was also a xylophone player in the back behind the two men, but he didn’t play for every song. The Dodos not only lived up to my expectations, but also built on them, making it a truly magnificent live show. A+++ night, for sure!

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