7 May

Carnegie Mellon University Carnival Fireworks, April 19th 2008

Hey guys. So I hadn’t updated for a while, and updates are going to be coming along pretty slowly for the next two weeks. I just spent two sleepless days in the printshop creating my final printmaking portfolio with some pretty awesome intaglio and lithographic pieces–so there is a lot of new art that I will be showing soon!

There are a lot of things that I haven’t posted about, like the bands at CMU Carnival, the Beach House show, the Amon Tobin show. I apologize for that, but school always comes first for me, because that’s why I live in Pittsburgh for most of the year. Here is what you can expect from gigawave next month:

  • A new bi-monthly contest where I will give away art (prints, small paintings, holga shots of musicians, original stenciled t-shirts, etc.)
  • A consistent weekly musicdraw. It’s going to be summer and I will work this beast like crazy!
  • Album reviews, old and new. Promise.
  • More focus on Kansas City, as I will be spending the next four months there. However, you can still expect Pittsburgh show previews as well as news links and the like

The biggest event of the summer for gigawave, however, will probably be a site revamp. I am planning on moving to my own domain soon, but I can’t say when because I need to build the blog and make sure it is compatible with Firefox, Safari, and IE before I move everything over there. It’s probably going to take me all summer and completion will probably come towards the fall.

Also, I am looking at several jobs for the summer, two of them which I got interviews for are at portrait studios. Isn’t that exciting? Wish me luck, as I need to score some work! I might also be working at a printmaking shop once a week in Lawrence, KS. I love printmaking and next semester I will be taking a class with Robert Beckman, director of Artist Image Resourc. I think it is the direction I want to go in, in terms of artmaking, so maybe one day I will be running my own graphic design company. Who knows. THE FUTURE AWAITS US.


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