these are life lessons

22 May

kansas city:

Before I go into Oxford Collapse, I just wanted to mention I noticed that White Rabbits have been removed from the lineup at the Record Bar for the June 1st date. That night there will be an all ages experimental rock show consisting of Mutators, Modern Creatures, and KC locals Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse in addition to the 18+ show later that night. Thumbs up to Record Bar for organizing these types of events. Most all-ages events in the Kansas-Missouri area occur in Lawrence so I think it’s really valuable that they’re doing this. Thanks Steve Tulipana. You’re a hottie (he really is).

Speaking of all ages shows, so when I was in high school a bunch of my friends and I were skipping cafeteria lunch to go to eat at Dean & Deluca instead (Evan Werts if you are googling your name this pertains to you). We went in the back by the dumpsters and employee vehicles to smoke cigarettes because we were still a couple years underage and didn’t want to see our headmaster or any other faculty who might potentially be there on their lunch break. Well some dude with a chef’s smock comes out and gives us a ton of flyers for this pumpkin carving contest his band was performing their CD release gig at. Specifically, the Architects’ CD release party at Recycled Sounds. This was back when they were unsigned and their myspace page was impossible to find and very scarce. I remember tittering like a typical teenage girl because some cute guy just invited me to an event that wasn’t sponsored by my school. I also remember passing out the flyers to only people I liked because my friends kind of just wanted to get rid of them, therefore only I was left in charge of dissemination within my bubble.

anyway I bet you thought I was going to go into a super fucking old show review but NO! The life lesson here is that promoting events on a DIY level is a tricky thing which involves the efforts of many different types of people. Reach out to those young teenage girls even if you think they are going to be groupies, because–to be honest–it’s not the musicians that teach the fans to get over the idolatry, it’s the friends that supplement the necessary humiliation. OH HIGH SCHOOL!

disclaimer: I am not nor ever was an Architects groupie.


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