Snowden with Colour Revolt @ Jackpot Saloon

24 May

{Photo courtesy of Kirstiecat}

I’m assuming there’s also a local on the bill, so if anyone knows, please fill me in. Kids living in Lawrence this summer, don’t miss this! I have heard good things about Colour Revolt live. The vocalists voice reminds me of The Virgins, but the music itself is totally different. Some of it is low, slow, heavy, and tinged with sarcasm. Mattresses Underwater starts out like a Radiohead tune, but with some twangy flourishes and then progresses into wild vocals and heavy riffs.

Snowden, on the other hand is more bass heavy. Still those ominous lyrics, but coupled with a jittery dance beat, like in “Stop Your Bleeding” and “Anti-Anti”. You’ve probably heard Le Castlevania’s remix of “Black Eyes.” had a full pack of Snowden remixes up here. I bet they still work after two years. There are even some new ones there I haven’t listened to yet.

some Snowden:
Like Bullets [from s/t EP]
Victim Card

Colour Revolt’s Mattresses Underwater (live):

and you can hear the studio version here: whooo youtube loads faster than myspace.

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