prolific drummer

28 Jun

I only post this because I just realized who is opening for !!! (chkchkchk) at the Rex Theatre–Italian Ice. Hell, I wanted to see !!! pretty badly in the first place, but little did I know that local Pittsburgh “awesome”, Paul Quattrone, (better known for his Modey Lemon activities) had toured with them as a fill-in drummer earlier this year and will be taking up the position again for the July 22nd date. I got to see the dude in action last night at the Modey Lemon show in Lawrence, so I will have some stuff on that next week (safe to say it was awe-inspiring). For more info on how Paul keeps himself busy, check out Manny’s in-depth CP article:

Local drummer Paul Quattrone joins Brooklyn dance-rockers !!!

I don’t have any Italian Ice audio files, but I did get to see them play last fall, and it’s a pretty crazy show. Here’s some Midnite Snake (watch out) in the meantime:

Midnite Snake – Bigfoot 69

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