we are scientists (on US tour)

29 Jul

We Are Scientists’ new video for third single “Impatience” is now up!

If you are familiar with We Are Scientists’ excellent news archives, Keith’s first glance at Chris’s ear should be sufficient foreshadowing for what is about to occur in the video. Although that kills the “big surprise”, I was undaunted by being given what I expected and watched more until I found myself chuckling at Keith pulling out his shoe to beat the shit out of Chris; then of course, Chris’s antics properly pulled me to feelings of endearment when his charade-winning gestures cried:

“yo d00d I’m not gonna shred ur hair apart lez take pixx cause liek, this only happens once a month”

Adam and Max busting in as police officers (Keith merely had to send a telekinetic message fraught with emotional strife for them to take action) put the cheese on the cornball. It’s not my favorite video (still a big fan of Inaction), but I am glad to know that Keith and Chris are making their dreams come true with making parody b-movie themed music videos.

In other news, Pittsburgh fans can get tickets for this show at TEN DOLLARS a piece if they message Life in Bed on myspace, who are the locals that will be opening.

We Are Scientists with Oxford Collapse
Monday August 11th
$12 atd / $14 adv
Diesel Lounge, Pittsburgh

For those of you who need to drink, “The drinks range from beer (mostly domestic) to higher end [liquors] and prices are actually cheaper than one would expect from a higher end club.” However, as far as I know, there are no drink specials on monday so I recommend you drink beforehand because you are going to look like a chump if you don’t dance. aaand drinks are only served and allowed on the balcony.


One Response to “we are scientists (on US tour)”

  1. brazenreality July 31, 2008 at 4:30 pm #

    Haha that’s fucking awesome. I’m actually working on a wolf-man type script right now.

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