be patient

5 Oct

I have an update written which I just need to brush up on for all the stuff that I’ve done. In the meantime, listen to the following songs to keep you company:


The Pale CornersSteve Buscemi (“dreamy [chorus], [strings] and trumpets as sweet as candy”)
Good Night, States (grandaddy meets ben folds) – Only Thing
Mariage Blanc (we infuse Elliott Smith with Beulah) – Famous Last Words
The Midwest Beat(how could you not like this?) – Girl Gone West
Does It Offend You, Yeah (electro-pop stars) – Being Bad Feels Pretty Good
Hot Lava (girl pop done by a wordsmith) – Apple Option Fire


Ice Capades (“It sounded like metallica from outside!”) – Yo, Atrium!!!
The Chap (you think it’s cute but it’s not) – I Am Oozing Emotion
Modey Lemon (when they were a two piece. “I have a bass drum and I kick it really hard.”) – Caligula
Duchess Says (sexy electroclash) – Rabies (Baby’s got the)
The Ooga Boogas (show review coming soon) – track seven (off romance & adventure, title unknown)

upcoming events:

Locksley – october 7th – the rex
OHMU (members of centipede eest, modey lemon, & zombi) w/ Discuss – october 9th – WYEP Community Broadcast Center, 76 Bedford Square, South Side
Okkervil River – october 9th – mr. small’s
Red Team Blue Team – october 9th CD RELEASE – the smiling moose
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – oct. 9th – Diesel
lovelikefire – october 11th – bloomfield bridge tavern
Villains – october 14th – Rangos Hall, Carnegie Mellon University – $5
Freezepop – October 17th – mr. small’s
An Albatross – october 20th – mr. roboto project
Centipede Eest w/ Mythical Beast – oct. 21st – Modern Formations
Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9) – November 19th – mr. small’s
I Love You – Nov. 12th – The Smiling Moose
Matt and Kim – Nov. 21st – WIlliam Pitt Union Assembly Room
Electric Six – Nov. 29th – Mr. Small’s
Dead Confederate – Dec. 6th – Diesel

Also I am pretty sure Wolf Parade was booked to play Pittsburgh on Nov. 13th but for some reason they are now playing State College, PA instead.


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