new stuff

10 Nov

more shows added:

  • oxford collapse – nov. 14th – brillobox
  • casiotone for the painfully alone – nov. 21st – modern formations
  • el ten eleven – nov. 29th – brillobox
  • steve goldberg & the archenemies – nov. 30th – garfield artworks
  • margot and the nuclear so and so’s – dec. 12th – brillobox

I will be compiling a new concert list on the shows page tomorrow, so you can just click that instead of going through the posts. I know…it’s a huge hassle and I am a little disorganized. I haven’t really been keeping up with KC shows since I am never there during the year.

There are LOTS of new photos up on my flickr, if you have not checked recently. I always have new shit up there every week so you should definitely check it out since I don’t have time to write reviews up on all of them. Saturday night I got to see Lohio and The Harlan Twins, which was a really wonderful show. I’d never seen either of them before, so I was pretty impressed and it wasn’t as folky as I thought it was going to be. Here are a handful of my favorite (vertical, lol) shots:


the harlan twins

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