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2 May

Remember when I used to update with new shows and then I had a little section at the bottom that said what I was jamming to? This is that except with a small review of each artist/song. I am moving back to Kansas City next week. I will NOT be updating Pittsburgh shows anymore or keeping up with them. Instead I will start doing KC again. If you want to know about shows I have been to, go to my flickr, the photos are all there. Except not any photos from the Kim Phuc – Erase Errata – ADULT show last night at CMU. I have my regrets but I was also high and eating gummi bears so what the fuck. HERE WE GO:

DRUNKDRIVER @ Belvedere’s, 4-17-09
© Mahsa Borhani, 2009

DRUNKDRIVERJanuary 2nd // I snagged this one off of Jonathan from and I sincerely wish I had bought this 7″ when DD played pittsburgh, because they were pretty much the best act that night. Imagine speakers being completely blown from how loud a guitar is while the drummer ravages his kit and an incredibly histrionic dude tears up his lungs in order to tell you what is killing him inside. Lyrics like “It doesn’t fucking matter that there’s no one left to forgive me” cannot be described more perfectly than by DD’s sound. The hatred, despondency and insanity that is contained in this music is not for everyone, but if you’re into a crossbreed of noise and hardcore this is the cream of the crop.

FM Knives20/20 // straight out of Sacramento, this pop punk band has some of the most driving songs I have heard in a while. No whiny annoying voice, no tired riffs, and overflowing with beautiful lyrics and bass lines that don’t take their lead from the melody or drum rhythm but create a whole world of their own. this song actually has a BASS SOLO in it…wtf. This band was formed in 2001 but they have the sincerity and energy of punk from the beginning of the movement. Bummer that they broke up.

Hot SnakesPlenty for All // Hot Snakes are in my top 5 favorite bands. Rick Froberg is an incredible vocalist–he conveys urgency, rage, and a jarring frankness all at once; besides Rick’s vocals, his guitar playing combined with John Reis’s guitar licks created such a powerful wall of sound. This particular song is probably as close to radio friendly they had ever gotten since it is less intense than the rest of their work and tinged with pop.

ObitsBack and Forth // Obits are Rick Froberg’s new band after the break up of Hot Snakes. Although it’s still prominently punk, a lot of it reminds me of early 60s rock or Stooges-era hard rock–it kinda has this cock rock swagger that just jams out. With super catchy bass lines and taunting guitar melodies that are less jagged than work that Hot Snakes did, Obits will probably get much more recognition than Hot Snakes did (at least while HS was still formed). “Back and Forth” pulls you in between a drum beat reminiscent of Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” and a chorus that’s steeped in a Beach Boys sound.

Foreign BornInto Your Dream // Foreign Born changed their mix of new wave and folk rock to a more direct rock and roll approach in this song. I’m not particularly a huge fan of Foreign Born–although they were quite good when they opened for St. Vincent at the Warhol last year–but I really like this song. So fun and addictive. Who doesn’t love sleigh bells?

Mas y MasThe White Visitation // Hilarious lyrics and furious acoustic strumming. Sounds quite different from other Mas Y Mas when you take out the drum machine, the cheeky guitar and the cheesy synths but still very mesmerizing. I am infatuated with the masterminds behind this band and am only living in this world so I can one day see them live. They almost make me regret moving back to the midwest since I will be that many more miles away from their aura.

Ra Ra RiotToo Too Too Fast // For a band that only started in 2006, Ra Ra Riot have quite deftly navigated the indie rock waters. Their songs burst at the seams with furious bass lines, frenetic violin, calming cello, and sensitive vocals that are a mix between romance and agitation. Seeing them live last February totally sold me–they are so incredibly TIGHT for six young musicians and have true charisma and energy on stage. I can’t usually deal with choppy and repetitive lyrics, but this song is one of my favorites off their debut album.

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  1. Boone May 4, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    Here’s a link to a new song by Foreign Born. They have an album coming out in June.

    mp3: “Vacationing People”:

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