Spring into Summer on Saturday

13 May

Saturday, May 16th in Lawrence
$8 both venues / $5 one venue

  • Jackpot Saloon (6 pm) – Greg Enemy, The Spook Lights, Weird Wounds, Waterfowl Habitat, Norrit, Def Ear, Hammerlord, David Hasselhoff on Acid
  • Replay Lounge (patio, 6 pm) – The Tambourine Club, Another Holiday, The Marmots
  • Replay Lounge (indoors, 10 pm) – Pontiak, Centipede Eest, The Old Black, Mansion

The show is all ages until 10 PM, from thereon it is 18+. Speaking of the show:

Weird Wounds

photo by humblevalour on flickr

Weird Wounds is composed of four dudes who play straight up garage rock with a little punk rock mentality mixed in. Kyle, who plays guitar, and Nic, the drummer, are also involved in Coat Party–which is on hiatus right now. Since I saw them open for Modey Lemon last June at the Jackpot (during which they played an incredibly tight but short set), they have added a bassist and are preparing to release their first EP on vinyl. Not only does this band have their own logo–their vocalist, Grant, also sings through a telephone receiver (constructed by Kyle), which tends to add a little reverb to the vocals. The sometimes incomprehensible lyrics are spewed with a gruff tone and also tinged with inflections of someone who’s about to hurl on you might convey. I know that sounds like an insult, but it’s not, I swear. The twangy, angular notes in addition to fast drumming and candid lyrics are what make “Fucked From the Start” such a great track.

Weird Wounds – Fucked From the Start

Centipede Eest

Centipede Eest @ Gooski’s w/ CAVE, Dec. 15th 2008, © Mahsa Borhani

Although notorious for playing long songs that box in and out between structured, danceable jams and then duck into amorphous noise rock, Centipede Eest isn’t really a “jam” band. Nick Patton, a native of Alabama, adds a southern-rock feel to the music with his guitar work and blunt vocals, while Jim Lingo counters with heavily distorted guitar and grimacing yells. Add the complex and swift drums of Sam Pace to the slick and heavy bass of Caulen Kress and you get much more than the loose and improvised work of a jam band. With Joshua Tanzer on a third guitar and also a synthesizer, the band has room to work with more percussion instruments that lend to their often cathartic live shows. Centipede Eest released a split 7″ with local Pittsburgh punk maestros Kim Phuc on Record Store Day, which is where this track is from. They are on a short tour circuit right now and definitely worth checking out if you’re in Lawrence, since I don’t think they’ve played here in three years.

Centipede Eest – Stingray

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