fan video for Division Day’s “Surrender”

18 Aug

User terraliminal uploaded a video almost a month ago for a Division Day song called “Surrender.” The video uses footage from the film Hausu (romaji for “house”), which was released in 1977. Division Day’s new album dropped today via Dangerbird records and you can buy it locally via Streetside Records: 4128 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64111. I haven’t actually called to see if it’s in stores so here is their phone number: (816) 561-1580.

Division Day is also playing the Replay Lounge in Lawrence on Monday September 14th. It’s 21+
I would really like to go but I’d have to get on all these highways at night and then drive 80 miles roundtrip which sucks when you have eight hours of class the next day starting early in the morning. Basically, I have a rule for if I want to go to shows:

Would I drive that far to see my mom?

not unless it’s an emergency. 🙂 In any case, the video was the first I’d heard any Division Day since Beartrap Island. “Surrender” is really beat-oriented and Rohner Segnitz’s vocals sound modified. He has a beautiful voice so I guess I was a little weirded out by that. It’s not that Division Day don’t have quick tempo songs, but usually they are steeped in guitar and drums and this sounded like it was a remix of a Division Day song. It’s a catchy song but I couldn’t remember the chorus or verse because the instrumentals were so dominant. Chalk Lines is definitely more of the Division Day sound I was expecting. Pretty sweet. Bummed I will miss them at the Replay.

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