Why do I even bother?

20 Sep

a. missed wavves and ganglians (lawrence)
b. missed box elders (lawrence)
c. missed smith westerns & girls (kc)
d. skipped on autolux (lawrence)

I’d rather be at shows than at parties because at least when I show up I know what to do–listen, enjoy myself, and maybe take pictures and reflect on it (or get shitfaced drunk and go home with someone and not remember at all?). But I just can’t swing it anymore, I feel pissed about it too, and I keep this blog as a means of feeling less guilty about not having what I want.

The next show I am really looking forward to is Birthday Suits at the Jackpot. I missed them twice I think in pittsburgh and I’ve gotten a great impression of them from friends who know their shit, and enjoyed their half of the split with Marked Men. If anything gets in the way of me and the Birthday Suits show it will be THE LAST STRAW, for fuck’s sake. I’m fucking pissed that anyone who would be into these lawrence shows already LIVE IN LAWRENCE. Why can’t I make some friends who would be psyched to go to the following shows that I missed? UGH. I always knew I had something special in relation to the music scene in Pittsburgh, but didn’t realize how sweet it was until I came to KC.

I guess the only reason why I am so bummed out is because music & going to shows gave me a lot of confidence about the person I am today so losing touch with it sucks. Anyways, here are a couple songs, one is Birthday Suits from the Seven Inches For Your Ex split 7″ w/ Marked Men. The other is Ganglians cause I get a lot of compliments on my hair, it never gets old, I appreciate it. I’M DEDICATING THIS SONG TO ALL YOU COMPLIMENTERS. THX.

Birthday Suits – It’s About Time

Ganglians – Hair


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