29 Mar

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a pathetic fool for Rooney. I’m really not allowed to talk about it around friends but since this is my music blog and I can’t give a rat’s ass for discerning musical preferences, I will speak of it here. I first listened to Rooney via a youtube link from a message board–the topic was about shitty videos. The person said the song, however, was incredibly catchy for a band they didn’t like. I listened to the song, and it also turned out that it was fucking awesome for a band that I, duh, did happen to like.

So now, two Rooney albums later, I sit around anxiously awaiting the upcoming album with the fervor of a wild cheetah on the trail of a wounded gazelle. I caved into the last of internet vices a few days ago–Twitter–so that I may follow RooneyBand ever so scrupulously. Actually the twitter thing was a complete accident (long story) but it sounds more heroic to say that I did it for Rooney. If you measured love of band by amount of shows attended, well, Beach House should be #1 on my list (3) and Rooney would be last (0). BUT I SAY THIS IS NOT SO! Rooney shall not be reduced to such cheap methods of love deduction.

However, I had no idea what heights my levels of Rooneydom could reach until I saw this–Robert Schwartzman’s solo bro-ject: SOLOBOB. Dear God. Watch this video, try not to bust.


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