Tennessee is a rock powerhouse

6 Apr

Seriously, who knew Tennessee was loaded with so much awesome cock rock? Natural Child, Turbo Fruits, Cheap Time, The Features, Daniel Pujol, The Ettes, Girls in the Eighties…and of course who could forget the inimitable JEFF the Brotherhood? “Heavy Krishna” is a tune off their newest album that could take on even the best sets by Centipede Eest and Cave combined. “Bone Jam”, the song that comes right after, is enough to make Joey Ramone himself look dotingly upon these two brothers. JEFF play a mutant mix of rock somewhere between heavy metal, punk, and psychedelic rock.

In fact, this band is so fucking good I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I want to go to the Caspian show tomorrow night at the recordbar (which will most likely be of epic proportions), or making the 30 minute drive down to Lawrence to see JEFF play at the Replay Lounge for a measly three turkeys. Right now, I am definitely leaning towards seeing JEFF. Hopefully I can find my goddamn camera battery charger in time.

JEFF the Brotherhood
Heavy Krishna
Mind Ride



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