“hi, we’re sisters.”

7 Apr

original photo taken by michael forester, march 23rd 2010 @ recordbar

As you can see, I am trying to turn a new leaf by posting more frequently. I went to go see Sisters, So Cow, Past Lives, and Air Waves a little over a couple weeks ago at the Record Bar. It was a pretty spectacular lineup for only being ten dollars, to be honest, as all bands were out of towners–with So Cow coming all the way from Britain. But I guess that’s the perk of being a city on the way back from SXSW. In any case, I had seen Sisters before in Nashville at Betty’s over spring break. They played a great set there and I was expecting a little more than what we got at the Kansas City show. However, the Tuesday night crowd must have been disheartening, and the vocalist also had issues with his guitar and ended up having to borrow a guitar from So Cow mid-set. Never the less, they played some cool jams and their drummer was nice enough to give me an old EP they recorded back in 2007(?) for having come to see them again on a school night. I’m not sure how much Sisters still sound like this; I’m guessing that the vocal inflections might have changed a bit, after witnessing their live show. Regardless, the tracks are fairly straight forward rock n roll songs, gauging a bit heavier on the indie rock spectrum than most through the use of distortion and aggressive drumming. Here are a couple tracks that I enjoyed:

Ripped Off
In The Mood

Also, completely unrelated, but I found it amusing how they made their screen printed CD sleeves to look deceivingly like individual sharpie drawings. I was like, “Wow how did they sharpie 200+ CD’s?! Ohhhhh.” And if you’re having a hard time trying to find them online, here is their myspace URL: http://www.myspace.com/sisterssound. One last thing: I’m not sure where the No Age comparisons are coming from, but I hope someone can enlighten me because I don’t hear the parallels.

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