8 Apr

JEFF the Brotherhood @ the Replay Lounge, 4-7-10
© Mahsa Borhani, 2010

Yeah, this show was awesome. A bunch of people who were gonna go to the NODZZZ show ended up coming to this, good choice, right? Pretty decent crowd for a Wednesday night. I had a great day at school, then went home and watched The Dark Knight, drank coffee, and ate some cheese and apples. Driving to Lawrence was a nice twenty minute breeze except for the KU BUS THAT ALMOST CRUSHED ME. Fuck dat. There were a couple of super fans at the JEFF show who kept whooping and keeping it alive. The vocals were a little muffled cause Jake kept standing like half a foot away from his mic. BUT they were still rad and played my faves off of heavy days.

Picked up the Heavy Damage / Pleasure Centre 7″. tight. Apparently it was JEFF da brohood’s first time playing kansas so I hope they come through again, yeah! Only band I have ever bothered to bake for.


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