Battle of the Singles

13 Apr

Finally watched the new We Are Scientists video for “Rules Don’t Stop Me”, their first single off upcoming album Barbara, which is slated to come out in June. I have a special love for WAS, a four year long adventure, and obviously I’m terribly excited for this new album to drop. However, I couldn’t but HELP comparing which album I’d be more excited for–theirs, or Rooney’s. Oh god. I watched the Rooney behind-the-scenes video for their single “I Can’t Get Enough”, for the first time today as well. Having heard the single (umm, how could I say no to an autographed CD?), I’d say it’s such a great little summer ditty in the same vein as “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” but with a heavier dose of pop and a little more retro in feel, and finally–with HAND CLAPS!! I’ve been waiting for a Rooney song to more prominently incorporate hand claps, so I’m very pleased.

However, I have to admit that We Are Scientists are the winners here. I think Keith’s vocals in “Rules Don’t Stop Me” are just better, and so are the guitar & drum parts. I could see “I Can’t Get Enough” as a top 40 jam, but “Rules Don’t Stop Me” is the better rock song here. I feel bad comparing the two bands as they come from different rock backgrounds, with Rooney incorporating a greater alt-country influence and We Are Scientists kicking it with the glam rock vibes, but everyone does it at some point with their favorite bands.

edit: I take it back. After more time has passed, I can’t stop listening to the Rooney. I think I made a hasty decision, because this song has been getting 5+ plays every day since I wrote this entry. Rules Don’t Stop Me is almost too short for me to play on loop. INDECISIONS 2010.

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