in other news…

8 May

Watching the Stanley Cup games lately has been one of the few things keeping me excited about being alive nowadays, so I was really excited to watch this recent press conference with Matt Cooke and Jordan Staal:

Off-Day, May 7th: Matt Cooke & Jordan Staal

It’s hard to believe that a few of these guys are my age sometimes. Watching them play such a fast-paced and physical sport week after week is really inspiring and makes me want to go out and do something, carpe diem or some shit, mon. Seriously, if you’re ever feeling depressed–watch a Penguins game. Put some vigor back into your bones. And thankfully, none of these players are ingracious misogynistic bastards (see: ben roethlisberger). This is something I can stand behind–fucking honorable samurais on ice.

I invest all the power of my curls in a victory tonight. GO PENS!

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