catching up with local bands

18 Jun

It’s been a month and I haven’t posted, but rest be assured that I have been doing stuff related to all the cool music that’s taking the country by (thunder)storm this summer. In May I went to go see Centipede Eest and then Screaming Females, who had the relatively new KC band (first show last october) THE FREDS open up for them. They were nice enough to give me a tape which had five of their songs on them and listening to it made me glad to know that people are still keeping the DIY punk sound alive in KC. After attaining the help of the drummer from Hanna Barbarians on bass, The Freds will hopefully record some more music to put out in the future.

In other news, local Lawrence badasses MOUTHBREATHERS opened up for Psychedelic Horseshit earlier in June and blew my socks right off. Containing members from Blood On the Wall, Rooftop Vigilantes, Weird Wounds, and Boo & Boo Too, the band possesses a lot of talent and is sure to gain a larger following with more time. A year or so ago I thought that maybe the indie scene had migrated to Kansas City, but these guys make it pretty obvious that Lawrence is still kicking ass and taking names when it comes to their brand of local rock.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, KC party kings Lazy K recently opened for Pocahaunted and they made me feel like a real tool for arriving halfway into their set. Their music had a swagger and tune that sometimes grunged out with its cock out or subseded into a cool shell that, during one song, reminded me of Young Marble Giants. Their performance style is certainly influenced by entertaining antics of the SSION, but a bit darker and laid back. They also have some tapes available, so if you’re interested, hit them up!

Lastly, I’m taking a couple weeks off from covering shows–even as much as I would like to see The Prids at the Record Bar–because of the slew of shows that are coming up in early July. Yep! July is closer than you guys think! Nobunny, CAVE, and Turbo Fruits are all coming to town. I haven’t seen CAVE in almost two years and I missed Turbo Fruits when they played Lawrence in March (funny story…I was in Louisville at the time) and Nobunny skipped us on their last tour due to booking conflicts so that’s my excuse for a break and for opting out of the Lightning Bolt show.

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