Persian movie screenings in Pittsburgh

19 Jun

After observing the media cloud around Kubideh Kitchen and reflecting on some of my emotions from last summer, I’d like to take a moment to comment on something I enjoyed while I was living in Pittsburgh. The Persian Panthers, which is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh (whose mascot is the panthers, hence the name. This is not a reference to the Black Panthers) have movie nights that take place in Scaife Hall at Carnegie Mellon University. They also screen them during the summers, and this coming Thursday–June 24th–they will be showing Low Heights (2002). I’m not going to disregard the possibility that watching this movie might be really confusing for people who have limited knowledge about Iran’s history as a nation and no knowledge of farsi, but I implore anyone who is curious about Iranian culture to go check this out. Many of the people who partake in these events are great resources themselves and are kind enough to answer basic questions that you may have.

For more info: pso @ andrew dot cmu dot edu
info @ persianpanthers dot org

For more seasoned questioners, the Hunt Library at Carnegie Mellon has many up to date books and publications that outline and analyse the Islamic Republic. Some of the older books at the Hillman Library on the University of Pittsburgh campus are worth browsing, in that they can help explain current foreign policy outlooks of the countries involved in the region. Also, titles can be misleading so if you do decide to run a boolean search, make sure to at least give all the books a glance.

Next time when you are chewing on your kabob sandwich and the arteries in your jaw starting rushing blood to your brain while you feel the surge of spearmint enticing your olfactory senses, you’ll be ahead of the game!

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