If you’re feeling festive

5 Jul

and you live in Missouri and want to drive somewhere because you just love to drive across Missouri (it sure beats driving across Kansas), maybe you should check out Handsome Fest in Carbondale, IL. You can purchase a ticket in advance to all the shows for only fifteen bucks and here’s who you get to see:

* apache dropout
* bass drum of death
* mr. free & the satellite freakout
* natural child
* predator
* pujol
* the coathangers
* thomas function
* tweak bird
* velvet davenport
* yellowfever

I’d go but I love Missouri too much to leave it (just kidding). I saw a crust punk hitch hiker on I-70 last week and I thought about what would happen if that were me and I were going to this festival. Would you give me a ride? I’ll never know, because I got a fucking car. Go to this festival and get silly drunk and meet some of the baddest ladies and gents. The summertime fun quota is dangerously low in America right now.

Thomas Function – Can’t Say No
The Coathangers – Pussywillow
Natural Child – Dogbite

ALSO! JEFF the Brotherhood will be playing this show in Carbondale as well:

Sun, July 11
Ski House, 317 W Walnut St, Carbondale, IL
Doors: 9:30PM, Showtime: 10:15PM
also w/HEAVY CREAM, $5, All Ages

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