site changes

5 Jul

I like the sound of that, don’t you? I’m a chump and I never really update consistently so…anyways. I changed the blog’s look for the first time in THREE YEARS! Isn’t that exciting? I don’t actually like this theme as much as the Benevolence WordPress theme, but it’s lavender and I’m tired of somber colors. This theme has bigger font which is easier to read, and the post titles are way bigger, which makes my blog easier to browse through. Also, since the content div is larger, it also means I can post larger photos! I’m sure that will be pleasing to all, but it also makes me vulnerable to poopshooters who want to use my photos without asking, so I’m not sure how I will deal with this.

Flickr has a new layout too. I feel like a huge hypocrite talking about people swiping images from gigawave because no matter what Flickr does, I can still retrieve the original image URL with very little effort; I do this on a regular basis so I can image link Tumblr friends to Flickr photographers that I like. That spaceball gif thing is a bunch of bullshit. Yet, I will still pay for my Flickr account because it is an awesome site to archive images on and it’s kind of a social networking site too, I guess. And you can plug the shit out of yourself. Flickr is to photographers as Myspace is to musicians. There you go, SAT analogies retrofitted for the internet.

I updated the Upcoming Shows page too if you want to check that out. Now here’s a song to close out this post by a Pittsburgh post-hardcore band from the nineties, Blunderbuss:

Blunderbuss – New Ground


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