More and More Mas Y Mas

13 Jul

I just spent overtime on the shitter writing a mas y mas post when I realized that I’m on a new computer and didn’t allow most of the wordpress scripts to run, therefore when I used the search function on gigawave to see where my post about “The White Visitation” was in order to reference it, and opened up a new WP script, my post refreshed and I realized the draft hadn’t saved.

All my shit went to waste. Badum-ching!

Now that whining is over, MAS Y MAS are releasing a full length LP sometime in the late fall, entitled Sally Jessy Raphael. Why do I care about this? Because Mas y Mas still make music better than most of the bands that have started releasing der scheisse in the past four years. I used to style my curls to some older Mas Y Mas that you could stream off the Rock So Tough website. If I had owned those albums, I could be listening to them now, and then maybe I’d remember the song titles. It’s not like one can just google “mas y mas discography” to reconnect with her long lost curl jamming tunes.

Therefore I implore you to check out the You Name It LP (don’t you find that [sic] after “2 TUFF” a little endearing?) and if you’re feeling a touch adventurous, maybe you’ll find a way to get yourself the split 12″ Mas Y Mas have done with New Rock Church of Fire.

In the meantime, you can listen to the newest song Mas y Mas have posted on their myspak–“I Hope It Hurts.” Reminiscent of the quick strumming of “The White Visitation,” the words “virgins” and “teenage virgins” are thrown in there a couple times. I don’t think it is about that. Maybe Vinnie is singing, “versions”? But then he says that “there’s a hardness to the process” and that he “hope it hurts.” Something about girls and that he can’t bone them–sorry boutya. Good song regardless, go listen to it.

If you’re a member of the tweeting demographic, you can follow them on twitter. They don’t even have fifty followers yet. I don’t know if that is pathetic or an internet crime–you’re guilty until you’ve followed Mas Y Mas twitter, sort of thing.

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