Toro y Moi

2 Aug

photo by Dustin Shey for

Toro y Moi will be coming to Kansas City twelve days from now, so if you missed Chaz Bundick play with Caribou in Lawrence earlier in June, you can check him out at the Czar Bar. Bundick released his album, Causers of This in January. Though Bundick has been linked with Washed Out (stage name of Ernest Greene)–which is why I decided to check him out–I was delighted to hear more bits of 90s r&b, pop, and funk mixed into his arrangements.

“Fax Shadow” starts a beat by looping a texture that sounds like a softly skipping record. The gentle skewing pitch in conjunction with a muffled bass, looped vocals and his own vocals–running with reverb–allow the listener to float through a soundscape laced with mystery. “Talamak”, on the other hand puts you into a groove as soon as it begins; a rolling scale peaks into an intermittent beeping synth beat that keeps the vocals company throughout the song. The overlapping effect 2/3’s of the way into the song changes it up before Bundick goes back into his chorus and then ends the song.

On his most recent release (7″ Leave Everywhere/First Date), however, Bundick launches into garage pop stylings, complete with glockenspiel. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for this sound, but I think that if Bundick makes friends with the rock monster, his talented production would be more interesting to observe in a post-punk or darkwave setting.

Also, what would you give to see a Zola Jesus // Toro y Moi collaboration? I think that would be pretty damn exciting. Speaking of which, here is “Sea Talk” from Niki Danilova’s latest work; the Stridulum EP is available at the label’s website here: Sacred Bones Records

Anyhow, Nomathmatics, Shaun Duval & MODE will be wrapping up the night after Toro y Moi’s set if you wanna dance dance dance.

Toro Y Moi
August 14th
Czar Bar
9 PM, 21+, $5


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