WAS review link

15 Aug

Check out this pitch blog review, complete with Michael Forester’s stunning B&W pictures and a set list (wait, they didn’t play Textbook! and it’s Nice Guys…who am I to talk though?):

We Are Scientists harness chaos at the Record Bar

audible laughter at the part where the author publishes her schedule–

Alas, this is actually my day off, and I have important meetings to attend about increasing my wealth, so I don’t even have time to get into the awesomeness that was Cincinatti duo Bad Veins.

Don’t worry guys, I got you covered. Girl is too busy talking about a “bizarre contraption” and forgot to tell us that the band were adding layers to their rich sound via an 8-track sitting in the center of the stage.

Anyways, Dear Forester,

I love you because you take the best shots and you don’t have a chip on your shoulder about it. And you sing really cheesy 80s songs where I want to throw the trivia board at you but decide not to because you emanate the sweetness of a small, happy-go-lucky dog. Also, stop hanging out at Gusto, you’re too cool for that shit.

Until the next show,

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