Bombay Bicycle Club’s Acoustic Album

19 Aug

Wow, so, what a wet dream. I’ve always really loved Bombay Bicycle Club (it’s a tear-jerking moment when early demos that kicked major ass turn into well-produced EPs and then a full fledged album) and after Evening/Morning came out, “You Already Know” was a favorite of mine (I posted it later on in my anniversary mix). Despite my heavy sonic leanings, I’m as much of a sucker for acoustic songs as the next person. I just saw this was out today (I know, I’m terrible with new releases), and didn’t hesitate in getting it–there is never a dry patch or stark moment in the acoustic efforts of the band. I suppose it’s also a pretty risky move to have your second full length record be completely acoustic, and I praise the band for believing in their strengths enough in order to make such a decision. I knew I’d fall in love. I know you will too. Leonard Cohen made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a reason, so any querulous BBC fans that are critics of this release should put a damn sock in it.

I’m not lying when I say the acoustic treatment of “Dust on the Ground” might rival the original song (I’d like a little more bass via drum though). I also relish what seems to be the Spanish guitar styling of “My God.” And of course, “Ivy & Gold” is quite an irresistibly dapper tune. “Swansea”, the Joanna Newsom cover, is pretty good as well, though not one of my favorites. Utter beauty is my initial response to the title track. I’m throwing out too many superlatives right now, I know–deal with it. Fantasy collaboration? Bombay Bicycle Club with The Dodos. YES. Yes, yes.

Buy the album through Amazon
or buy it through iTunes

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