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23 May

  • Basia Bulat and Devotchka concert review – some thoughts on the recent show at Diesel. Don’t really agree with the Denver comment, but check it out.
  • Blurb in the Post Gazette about Olympus Mons – saw them play at Gooski’s with Suburban Sect a while back and they were pretty sweet. CD release show TOMORROW.
  • An old preview about British Sea Power – did anyone go to this show? It was last week and I’ve liked The Rosebuds ever since Chris Cain mentioned them in this great interview on The last minute is gold.
  • Aaron Jentzen talks to the Takeover UK about their new EP on Rykodisc – I know you guys like them as they are probably the most searched local band hit for gigawave. Here’s an ending quote from the drummer:

    “It’s basically just a lot of hustling, man, just getting out of Pittsburgh,” says Sickels. “You’ve just got to get out, or you’re never going to get anywhere.” Snyder quaffs his beer and offers a little barstool philosophy: “You basically have to shrug off every single responsibility that normality would give you.”

Sad but true. Unless you play hockey, do research for CMU, or curate. I can’t really think of any other career-catapulting opportunities here. ALSO, afternoon beer? Really?


Ra Ra Riot interview

2 Feb

Dying is fine, to Ra Ra Riot
by aaron jentzen

The song, from the band’s melodious yet melancholy self-titled 2007 EP, was one of the first written by the group. Inspired in part by a poet forever popular on college campuses, e.e. cummings, it features the sprightly chorus, “You know that dying is fine, but maybe / I wouldn’t like death if death were good / not even if death were good.”

Pretty good article, once again by Pittsburgh City Paper’s Aaron Jentzen. He seems to interview most bands of interest to me, so I created a tag for him. How special. If you haven’t gotten your ticket to this show next Tuesday, it’s 7 bucks. If you don’t have a ride, take the bus. That’s what I’m doing. NO EXCUSES!! A very nice person is lending me their flash, I will be there taking pictures probably around 9 PM. Come say hi!

LISTEN (to what you’re missing):

Ra Ra Riot – Dying is Fine

this is BSS

11 Nov

A Conversation with Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene

NOVEMBER 8, 2007

“I suspect Drew is actually fairly shrewd. Witness his first solo album, Spirit If … released under the moniker, “Broken Social Scene Presents: Kevin Drew.” Not only does that name trade in the brand recognition and goodwill the Toronto collective has amassed over the years, but the album also features many of the Social Scene’s members and musical trademarks: lush indie-pop orchestration matched with cacophonous fury, tender moments contrasted with unintelligible yelps, sweet nothings marred with expletives.”

read the rest of the interview