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6 May

I felt the need the other day to “e-hassle” or rather, chastise someone on the internet for talking shit on Hunx. Then I remembered when Hunx was talking shit on Smith Westerns, for pretty much no reason. Bands do enough shit talking themselves, so why should I care? It’s like when people get mad at others for bringing down their favorite sports team. To be honest, though, I got more annoyed by this person using the term “hipster” in their insult. What is this, 2001? Seriously? At least get creative. But, then again, if people weren’t senselessly calling each other names, we wouldn’t have the modern-day treasure which is Hipster Runoff.


Check out my hipster ride. It was too cold for my Schwinn, so I decided to rev this baby up!

If you follow a pop culture trend, or support some sort of independent music scene, or like bands outside of the mainstream, or buy records from the “cool” part of town, or–god forbid–just ain’t down with The Man…hey, chances are that you have some “hipster” in you. Do you like Reggie Watts? You’re a hipster. Hipsters are just rife with satirical talents. Many hipsters watch Conan, The Daily Show, Cartoon Network, ad nauseum. Many hipsters like well-fitted jeans. Sometimes hipsters wear sunglasses reminiscent of 50s styles. No, Jared. I can’t buy those Ray Bans (that I love so much) because I might be construed as a hipster. Tracy, I realize those are Brooks Brothers frames, but the hipster next door wears a style similar to these and I just cannot be confused as one of his kind. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a hipster, might as well never wear scarves, plaid, well fitting jeans, Vans, beanies, and a whole host of other things.

In any case, the person in question plays in a pretty great-sounding band. Although, I can’t get over how Snyder sounds eerily like Caleb Followill or Jon Fratelli (although neither of them seem to do as good of a falsetto). Actually, I’m pretty sure he sounds like some other dude (see: “I know I wasn’t there/but I want to take you back” in Ride Coach), but I don’t listen to music as often as I used to. Thus, my references are hazy. I used to be able to match guitar riffs up even if they were in a different pitch. Fun ability for someone with very little musical talent, but potentially embarrassing for the songwriters caught in the act. Now I just blog.

Ok time for some tunes:

Just kidding:

1,2,3 – Riding Coach & Work


Four months later

7 Apr

Other Lives – Tamer Animals
Yuck – Operation
Ennui – Lights
Chuck Berry – Havana Moon

kick it for the third time

8 Sep

Living on a farm road
Takin’ all your time slow
Cheerin’ from the bleachers
Don’t you wish your life was gold?
I bet you do

The Virgins – Hey Hey Girl

Sometimes when you live in the country you have to dance and yell to grab the placidity and lethargy by their throats–tell them, “I love how you let me act like a freak without becoming a spectacle.” Then, the fact that you could just walk into a dry, yellowed cornfield off the farm road, and see its repetition for hours on end as you walk–to be put in a trance simply by walking in that environment for a good chunk of time and know nothing will happen but a rush of wind with the consequent rattling of the leaves high above in the distance, which are on the threshold of a coming autumn–it’s like a cold drink of water. The high of running to nowhere on this expansive rural trail, with no necessary plan or time frame, feels intense and surreal out here; you’ll lose sense of what should be gone, and gain back what you needed, even if you don’t know what those things are. It’s a process with surreptitious, borderline mystical, components. They may make a city girl out of me yet, but the urban nectar is one that I cannot imbibe.

site changes

5 Jul

I like the sound of that, don’t you? I’m a chump and I never really update consistently so…anyways. I changed the blog’s look for the first time in THREE YEARS! Isn’t that exciting? I don’t actually like this theme as much as the Benevolence WordPress theme, but it’s lavender and I’m tired of somber colors. This theme has bigger font which is easier to read, and the post titles are way bigger, which makes my blog easier to browse through. Also, since the content div is larger, it also means I can post larger photos! I’m sure that will be pleasing to all, but it also makes me vulnerable to poopshooters who want to use my photos without asking, so I’m not sure how I will deal with this.

Flickr has a new layout too. I feel like a huge hypocrite talking about people swiping images from gigawave because no matter what Flickr does, I can still retrieve the original image URL with very little effort; I do this on a regular basis so I can image link Tumblr friends to Flickr photographers that I like. That spaceball gif thing is a bunch of bullshit. Yet, I will still pay for my Flickr account because it is an awesome site to archive images on and it’s kind of a social networking site too, I guess. And you can plug the shit out of yourself. Flickr is to photographers as Myspace is to musicians. There you go, SAT analogies retrofitted for the internet.

I updated the Upcoming Shows page too if you want to check that out. Now here’s a song to close out this post by a Pittsburgh post-hardcore band from the nineties, Blunderbuss:

Blunderbuss – New Ground

Persian movie screenings in Pittsburgh

19 Jun

After observing the media cloud around Kubideh Kitchen and reflecting on some of my emotions from last summer, I’d like to take a moment to comment on something I enjoyed while I was living in Pittsburgh. The Persian Panthers, which is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh (whose mascot is the panthers, hence the name. This is not a reference to the Black Panthers) have movie nights that take place in Scaife Hall at Carnegie Mellon University. They also screen them during the summers, and this coming Thursday–June 24th–they will be showing Low Heights (2002). I’m not going to disregard the possibility that watching this movie might be really confusing for people who have limited knowledge about Iran’s history as a nation and no knowledge of farsi, but I implore anyone who is curious about Iranian culture to go check this out. Many of the people who partake in these events are great resources themselves and are kind enough to answer basic questions that you may have.

For more info: pso @ andrew dot cmu dot edu
info @ persianpanthers dot org

For more seasoned questioners, the Hunt Library at Carnegie Mellon has many up to date books and publications that outline and analyse the Islamic Republic. Some of the older books at the Hillman Library on the University of Pittsburgh campus are worth browsing, in that they can help explain current foreign policy outlooks of the countries involved in the region. Also, titles can be misleading so if you do decide to run a boolean search, make sure to at least give all the books a glance.

Next time when you are chewing on your kabob sandwich and the arteries in your jaw starting rushing blood to your brain while you feel the surge of spearmint enticing your olfactory senses, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Gotta have a dream

12 May

Descendents – Gotta


9 May

The hunx and his punx song “gimmie gimmie back your love” is on a LENSCRAFTERS COMMERCIAL!! hahahaha incredible. Very nice.

also, charlie hooper’s is my new favorite place to watch games. great food, great service, awesome selection of beer & cheap pints available every night of the week. I guess you could call this a blog endorsement. Sure, why not?