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where will we go when we get old?

21 Aug

I like them better when the try and sound like a saccharine sweet 60s boy band than when they go for the New Order wavelengths.

The Drums – We Tried


we’re allowed to hold out hands

15 Aug

One of my favorite breaks since The Casket Lottery’s “Code Red,” I think.

Thinking Machines – Never Reach Us Now

We subscribed to circumstance, take no action take no chance
We’re off of all the maps, they can never reach us again
It’s up the avenue, it’s just a block from here
What was has disappeared, can’t see nothing up ahead.

spring glutton, more like

19 Apr

Nikki and the Corvettes – Summertime Fun

Spring fever’s taking me by storm,
It’s been a long cold winter but now it’s warm.
Gonna jump in your car,
hang out the back,
put the top down–and let the radio blast,
Summertime fun, summertime fun.
Summertime fun, summertime fun.

Going to the beach on a real joy ride,
with my baby right by my side.
The freeway’s packed,
and the waiting in line,
with the rock ‘n’ roll station,
keeping right in time–
Summertime fun, summertime fun.
Summertime fun, summertime fun.

teenage royalty

6 Apr

Girls In The Eighties

Yesterdays Don’t Mean Shit
Too Cool For This Crowd
Slow Motion

some new some old

5 Mar

Because, because, because, you’re dumb and everyone’s the same.

we’re one in a million

27 Feb

Rooney – When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

I meant every word I said,
I never was lying when we talked in bed.
I’m retracing every step in my head,
What did I miss back then?
I was so, so misled.

shittiest year

25 Dec
drawing is helping me keep my chin up. I think I’m going through a phase of drawing the perfect ceramic vase.

The Muslims – Bright Side

I’m sleepwalking through my days and nights, every where I go
I’m fighting a series of losing fights, and everybody knows
alright, oh yeah. oh, oh oh. alright, alright, oh yeah
Yeah, I’m watching the days go by, wo-oah, yeah I’m watching ’em drop like flies
Yeah, I’m counting them–go, go, go, go, go! and it’s making me wanna cry
alright, oh yeah. oh, oh oh. alright, alright, alright, oh yeah
I’m trying to see the bright side,
Yeah I’m trying to see the bright side.