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Kim Phuc finally records a full-length

1 Dec

Obviously this is really damn important if I logged in after nearly four months to mention it. My favorite Pittsburgh punks (best riffs, best lyrics, best energy at a show) just put this out:

Copsucker LP on Bandcamp

The new recording of “Prostitute” sounds much more formidable (it’s the only song other than “Black Triangle” and “Wormwood Star” that I’d heard before). Get down with these jams.


Momus interviewed by The Local

12 Sep

Check out this intriguing interview Momus did about the city of Berlin being an unconventional artistic hub:

Momus speaks: ‘Berlin is potentially a very provincial city’

…I kind of like the fact that it’s hard to sell work here, it keeps you thinking about other things than the market. I do a lot of art shows in New York and the burning desperation of artists there to compromise as soon as possible, to make work that collectors want to buy because the devil is there: you’re at the top of the mountain with the devil and he’s saying “look there’s the money, shake the tree and the money will fall on your head”. In Berlin that doesn’t happen because it can’t: all the rich people are all in Frankfurt or somewhere, and it’s just galleries here. There’s a certain kind of delay, it’s not like we’re living outside of the system but we are living at arm’s length.

WAS review link

15 Aug

Check out this pitch blog review, complete with Michael Forester’s stunning B&W pictures and a set list (wait, they didn’t play Textbook! and it’s Nice Guys…who am I to talk though?):

We Are Scientists harness chaos at the Record Bar

audible laughter at the part where the author publishes her schedule–

Alas, this is actually my day off, and I have important meetings to attend about increasing my wealth, so I don’t even have time to get into the awesomeness that was Cincinatti duo Bad Veins.

Don’t worry guys, I got you covered. Girl is too busy talking about a “bizarre contraption” and forgot to tell us that the band were adding layers to their rich sound via an 8-track sitting in the center of the stage.

Anyways, Dear Forester,

I love you because you take the best shots and you don’t have a chip on your shoulder about it. And you sing really cheesy 80s songs where I want to throw the trivia board at you but decide not to because you emanate the sweetness of a small, happy-go-lucky dog. Also, stop hanging out at Gusto, you’re too cool for that shit.

Until the next show,

Mariage Blanc talk about records

4 Jul

Here’s a cool little interview done last month from The Vinyl District with Pittsburgh musicians Mariage Blanc, where the fellas talk about the beauty and grace of listening to vinyl records:

TVD’s Four Way | Mariage Blanc

first myspak regret

19 Jun

So yesterday Thinking Machines posted a bulletin about a contest where you could get a free download card for their new album:

Thinking Machines’ Work Tapes

You can also stream the album at:
It’s at times like these that I wish I had a set of external speakers. Lamentation, proceed.

1 luv

19 Jun

the cover of JEFF the Brotherhood’s upcoming seven inch is a picture of them at REPLAY LOUNGE! How cool is that? Check out the link for the full low down by enterprising fellows at Nashville’s Dead.

in other news…

8 May

Watching the Stanley Cup games lately has been one of the few things keeping me excited about being alive nowadays, so I was really excited to watch this recent press conference with Matt Cooke and Jordan Staal:

Off-Day, May 7th: Matt Cooke & Jordan Staal

It’s hard to believe that a few of these guys are my age sometimes. Watching them play such a fast-paced and physical sport week after week is really inspiring and makes me want to go out and do something, carpe diem or some shit, mon. Seriously, if you’re ever feeling depressed–watch a Penguins game. Put some vigor back into your bones. And thankfully, none of these players are ingracious misogynistic bastards (see: ben roethlisberger). This is something I can stand behind–fucking honorable samurais on ice.

I invest all the power of my curls in a victory tonight. GO PENS!